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In honor of the Detroit 1-8-7 cast, and the show, and their support of Detroit and Erin Cumming’s charity mitten4detroit.org, here’s my in depth interview with her one more time.

Great piece and glad to be a part of the team that made this…


Our favorite episode of New Voices and Visions on WJR.com. McCarthy dares to take on Johnny Knoxville with a homeless into the abandoned train station in Detroit. And what the heck, we cover the corktown music festival while we’re there

I sat down with Detroit musician Patrick Davy, we chatted and he jammed. Great time.

New Voices and Visions. Jamie McCarthy/Erik Anderson WJR.com

Detroit resident plans on converting the city's vacant land into "urban farms"


John Hantz Farms won’t be a typical farm with sprawling fields. Hantz has consulted with agricultural experts at the Michigan State University and the Kellogg Foundation and plans on using all the agricultural ingenuity the modern world can afford to make his endeavor work. His 250 to 280 acres will be split up into “pods” throughout the city and will grow vertically. He eventually plans to incorporate aquaculture (fish farming), hydroponics (growing plants in water), and aeroponics (growing plants in air), all of which can be housed in buildings.

New Voices & Visions

—Big 4 Breakfast Roundup

The Round Table wrap up on Detroit. Jamie McCarthy, Chritianne Sims and Erik Anderson. The Big 4 sat down to chat with Paul W Smith and my co-hosts and I did a post game analysis on what the future holds for Detroit.

New Voices & Visions

—L. Brooks Patterson

Jamie and Christianne interview Oakland County Exucitive L.Brooks Patterson